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Revol Process Solutions defines, designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for leading companies. Revol Process Solutions also provides a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and with leading technology providers. When it comes to managing your complete business, Revol is your trusted partner. By using to automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time business information anytime, anywhere, growing businesses realize breakthrough performance improvements.

Revol Process Solutions expertise in Microsoft Dot Net, JAVA, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Crystal Reports, SSRS Reports and extends its services in maintenance and support of other ERP systems including Data migration, Report Generation, Dashboard Development, Application Changes.

Revol Process Solutions provides Offshore Software Development Services such as Customized Application Development, AdHoc Reporting Tool, Real Time Dashboards. Revol provides a complete range of affordable software solutions that streamline business activities, offer greater efficiency, get you closer to your customers and increase revenue and profitability.


Digital Transformation

Digitally evolving customers are pushing corporations to transform — profoundly changing the way business is done. Revol’s unique experience and expertise allows corporations to re-align new parameters in technology and business models, ultimately engaging digital customers at every point in the customer experience landscape.


Cloud Services

Enterprises are transforming the customer experience by harnessing the Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) platforms with the digital innovation of the Cloud. Enterprises that embrace the Cloud report reduced operational costs, shortened time-to-market, pay-per-use, scale, and added flexibility. Revol helps global enterprises move their compute-intensive applications to the Cloud with pre-built accelerators and frameworks that fast forward the technology transition to solution implementation and adoption. Revol’s strategic partnerships with leading Cloud service providers ensure that your Revol Cloud solution is future-ready, high-quality and meets your company’s needs.



With the proliferation of mobile devices, businesses have adopted mobile applications to achieve operational efficiencies, faster decision making and higher customer engagement. Enterprise mobility helps organizations empower productivity among their customers, partners, and employees all the time and anywhere.


Business Analytics

To remain competitive, increase revenues and control costs, the successful enterprise relies on business analytics and data to drive better decision-making and improve business performance.


Usability Engineering

Good usability and user experience design can make your customer’s digital experience fast, intuitive and rewarding. A successful user-centric design functions as the adhesive that attracts the consumer to a product/application across mobile devices, laptops and other platforms. Research indicates that without usability engineering, software development costs can surge by up to 60%, making it a valuable investment. Revol’s Creative Imagineering (CI) team delivers creative, imaginative, compelling and highly targeted user experiences that result in robust user productivity and satisfaction. Our multi-disciplinary skills are rooted in a deep understanding of how cognitive science, art, aesthetics, technology and strategy work together.


Customer Support

In our 24/7 global world, having a multifaceted approach to integrated customer support operations leads to increased customer support staff productivity and reduced costs. The ultimate outcome is increased return on investment, solid customer interactions, satisfaction and brand loyalty. Revol helps clients optimize their Customer Support Operations by leveraging the latest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies - starting with a transition to the cloud - to create a multichannel, community-based, knowledge-enabled customer support solution.


Enterprise Business Solutions (ERP)

In a global economy, Enterprise Business Solutions are crucial to leveraging current software investments, remaining competitive, reducing operational costs and sustaining profitability. Revol's Enterprise Business Solution Suite of applications expertise spans many modules, and automates a multitude of business processes. With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we provide customized solutions that amplify your company's existing information management system.


Enterprise Integration

SOA incorporates business process alignments and complements existing middleware investments. Ultimately, it helps to close the business IT gap. Revol recognizes SOA as a continuous technology enabler and an inherent business agility accelerator that unlocks data. SOA makes functionality in disparate applications more readily available for business process automation.With 10 years of implementation experience in Oracle SOA, Infogain transforms traditional EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) into a more scalable, efficient SOA platform in as little as 3 months.



Customers and employees expect more than ever from their customer sales and service organizations. With anytime, anywhere access from their mobile devices and the Cloud, global enterprises engage Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform with an ecosystem of fully connected mobile and social tools all powered by the cloud.


Testing Services

The rapid growth of the Cloud, mobile device use and social networks have added complexity to the enterprise software application environment. The developers of business applications and software products are challenged to meet higher standards for security, customer experience and cost optimization.


Application Management

With increasing globalization and competition, VPs of business applications and software company CTOs alike must adopt technologies that e,nable efficiency, cost rationalization and foster growth.


Oracle Knowledge

Outstanding customer service is a challenge. To succeed, customer service organizations need fast and accurate information spanning all communication channels, from contact centers to field and sales service.